Govt of India wants manually custom check for China connection supplies at Chennai Port

India government strictly move to various bigger supplies chain ports decide to manually custom check for various supplies come from China connections , Hong Kong.

The source familiar with this said the India’a move to check each and every consignment coming in from China will lead to delay shortages of smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions said executives of leading brands and contract manufactures.

The industry’s supply chain comes to get effected when it demand comes to selling these products on E-commerce and local markets is higher then supplies.

The top industry executives said supplies will impacted for brands such as Apple, OPPO, Xioami, Vivo, OnePlus , Realme, Lenovo and several other online focused brand are currently stuck at customs.

The consignments are being stuck since Monday where cleared on some Wednesday. The spokesperson from a Xiaomi Chinese smartphones maker said the company’s local manufacturing will be impacted because of depleting stock of components in India.

The Samsung spokesperson said the delay will further hit the supply chain due to lock-down and increase delay in availability of products by another five-seven days.

China is the largest sourcing base for India’ electronics industry. In India nearly 70% of components for mobile phones and televisions are come from China while 30% for lighting and air-conditioners.