Indian Army Ask personally to delete 89 Apps include TiKTok, PUBG, Facebook: Report

The Indian Army high level official wants its personal to delete 80 apps include Truecaller, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, PUBG and dating like Tinder as well as news apps like Daily Hunt and Reddit.

There is a large list of apps include the list the list of 59 Chinese apps banned by the government but this list is included other USA included apps. A news report from ANI include a photograph of a page with the list of the title ” Social Media Apps: Banned for Usage.

The Another report from India TV News added that the army has given the deadline of July 15 to delete apps. The facebook is not allowed to posting pictures of their locations of their units. The US army also banned soldiers from using TikTok. It is clear as cyber threat, ” Lt Col Robin Ochoa, a US Army spokesperson told US-based news paper.