Indian Mobile Companies brands reduce offline workforce

The Indian Chinese mobile brands in India have started reducing retail store workforce or store promoters due to zero sales in the offline market in the various India cities. The Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Infinix multi-brand retailers have reached out to vairous store owners for asking a rend for a alteast three months.

Brands like HMD Global , Lenovo-Motorola are now reducing workers at he various offline retail stores seeing now sales in the market. There’s no’s doubt that the ongoing impact of COVID–19 is taking on markets across the country and other many business to stop working . Government issued to work at home , this pandemic has impacted our business.

Mobile Companies in India

Lenovo Motorola issued a statement, All salaries on our end was paid out in full as of March 2020. We also committed to paid salaries for April 20′ in full. If their is no buying in offline, since costs are high for sales, brands will released promoters from stores. These promotes are hired through third party services while some take them on board through a mix.

Reports came from ET Telecom, The landowners for waiving off on the rental for its exclusive format stores for the period of closure, a company spokesperson told ET.

If lock down continues beyond April month, then all retailers will suffer. Small retailers will go bankrupt in case of an extended lock down. Lock down is a loss bearing period since Government hasn’t provided any relief.

All retailers are under pressure from distributors, Aging stocks will also result in losses to retailers.

Smartphones Sales in the offline markets have effected their business since February , March retailers are not featuring a severe impact on their business due to decline in sales. Large retails chains like Croma, Vijay Store, Go Mobile, Reliance Market already shutting down stores in many cities.

Ritesh Ghosal, CMO Chrome said the, We are running at around 60-70% run rate. Our online delivery is also facing challenges.