India’s Biggest Spy Network using illegal VOIP exchange in India takedown

The India’s biggest Spy network of Pakistan which was used to attempting to gather information about he Indian’s Army defense cell located in Ladakh using illegal Voice over Internet Protocol ( VOIP ) exchange has been busted in Mumbai by the Military Intelligence of J&K and the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police.

The identity of other individuals involved in the network and locations of the other similar exchanges in Mumbai and certain parts of the India cities sharing information each other from long time . Source of Military said More arrests are expected in next few days.

Police officers said that it was in a joint operation with Military intelligence and Crime Branch Investigation of the Mumbai unearthed three Chinese Sim boxes and one sim stand.

Sim box along with 192 Sim Cards, Laptops, modem, antennas, batteries and connectors used for an illegal VOIP exchange in Mumbai.

The Indian and Chinese solders have been locked in face-off along the Line of Actual Control ( LAC ) in Eastern Ladakh. The Situation has been so tense that the US President Donald Trump offered to arbitrate between two sides. However , both the countries has rejected his offer to resolve this issue.

The exchange which converted international voice calls originating from Pakistan into local GSM calls using the Chinese Sim Boxes filled with Sim cards of local cellular service providers were busted in a police raid. These Sim boxes also used dynamic IMEI system which made difficult to be tracked as police sources said.