Intel teasers “something big” coming for September likely 11th Gen processor launch

Intel is promising “something big” at an event on 2nd September is likely to launch its 11th Gen GPU. A virtual event to show “how Intel is pushing the boundaries of how we work and keep connected”

The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 laptops promotion posters shows the Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger lake processor model number Lenovo- 1165G7 will announced first during the launch event. The chipmaker first previewed these new 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs earlier this year at CES.

The Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake processor is expected to launch under the Intel 11th Gen branding be limited to laptops and a new Xe graphics architecture. These Intel 11th Gen chips based on 10nm architecture that shipped on Ice lake processor and they will head-to-head will AMD’s Ryzen 4000 chips based on 7nm processor.

It looks like Intel will showcase 11th generation on 2nd September will be next processor for next series laptops. Computex was cancelled last month but laptop makers like Acer and Lenovo have promised to launch laptops with Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake chips will ship later this year.