Is the world failing against COVID-19 Pandemic?

The US has failed to combat the deadly virus rumored to spread by China as statement by most popular president of US Donald Trump told to US media. Worldwide Scientists have been working very hard 24/7 to find the cure vaccine on corona virus to cure infections. Covid-19 pandemic layoff several American jobs those worked in the companies for several years due to downfall of economic.

European countries like Italy, Germany , Spain , France was very effected dur to corona virus. Several numbers of death news received though various top popular media publications due to corona virus spread among most of the countries part.

If you are unaware still , The first corona virus cases found in the Wuhan, city of China in the month of last year month November 19 while rest of the European countries get infected with this virus in the month of December goes up to March 2020.

A general view in a deserted Piccadilly Circus as the spread of the corona virus disease continues, London, Britain, March 20 . ( credit- Reuters )

In America, Total number of cases measure around 8 lakhs approx while 2 Lakh deaths received in the whole country. In European countries, Italy, Spain, Germany received most of the deaths went up to in Spain, 22k, deaths 26,478, In Italy, 217k confirmed, 30,0201 deaths.

In United kingdom , 211k confirmed cases, 31,241 cases on deaths, Russia, 199 confirmed cases, 1,827 death cases, in Germany, 171k confirmed cases, 7,510 death cases.

In China, 82,887 confirmed cases, 4,633 deaths cases while in India, 59,662 confirmed cases, 17, 847 recovered and 1,981 deaths cases.

Note: India still in good condition, if we compared with other parts of countries cases likely in USA & UK.

The universities and research institutions have been affianced in research , yet the media has revealed it takes ages to find a vaccine cure. Everyone is curious to know the disappointing reasons behind discovering a vaccine? Is it lack of research funds?

As per reports, Vaccine will made available next year but no warranty given by any scientists in around the world. The American president calls it the “Chinese Virus” while fascist BJP leaders accuse Indian Muslims of spreading Covid-19.

The report disclose that the COVID-19 pandemic paresis the united states of American are those spending $5.9 on US Army weapons, The U.K has spent $42 billion on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Britain has announced as 46 millions pounds package to combat the corona virus.

The Britain spends 50 billions pounds annually on defense compared to Germany’ 45 billions pounds and Italy’s 20 billions pounds.