IT seeks changes in labour laws from WFH perspective next week

The Labour laws from WFH seeking revisions in the country’s taxations and labour laws as over the half the workforce in the $191 billions industry could start their work from home t deliver essential services remotely due to ongoing pandemic.

The government officials called earlier this month including the IT industry leaders around 50% of the country’s 4.5 millions IT works will soon work from home were asked to explain the legislative changes required to combat this significant changes.

This industry has also reported by the government to make permanent work extended until July including relaxation of telecom regulations that allow offices , companies to work from home and move equipment’s out from designated zone to facilitate remote from home.

Nasscom is currently reviewing labor laws from the WFH perspective. They will sending a report to the government officials by the next week.

Labour Law reviewing

“Work from home is enabled at the large scale is told by the government with the on going discussions, people may want to work from only a certain numbers of hours a day, as opposed to the norm of 8 hours a day, this could benefits women, universities students.”

Current labour laws will need to be revisted to provide industry the flexibility to enable working hours and shifting timing.

Furthermore, the role of employee with a respect to safest and health measures at the workplace will required a rethink as the home become the new workplace.

Since lockdown 1.0 announced by the PM Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, the IT industry has moved 90% of its workforce to deliver services from home. The granted to units in SEZs and STPl’s by the department of telecom.

credits : et-telecom