Japan announces an antitrust probe into Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS

Japan announced an antitrust probe into Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS in the coming weeks in the country after reports from Japan’s Fair Trade Commission (JFTC).

JFTC would like to investigate whether Apple and Google company keep doing practicing on customers data with violating the country laws are using their dominance in the smart operating system to their customers to restrict them from other’s OS market and choices to make with own products every year.

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) told to media on Wednesday, The study would involve some interviews and surveys with several operating systems operators in the country and app developers include smartphones users exploring not the market for smartphones but also smartwatches and lot products.

The lawsuit will strict the Search Engine Giant Google and trillion billion company Apple to control the customers’ choices with their own products rather they can live freely to choose the other’s operating system.

JFTS works with Japan’s central government’s Digital Market Competition Committee which is promoting autonomous market research. Apple’s iOS system accounts for nearly 70% of smart operating in Japan and 30% for Google Andriod.

Google forced smartphone manufacturers to pre-install the Google Apps by getting an Android license making it possible for customers to use their apps only in any Android smartphone.

Moreover, the European Commission lawsuit Apple iOS system and Google Android parent company are using their market to push apps into trouble to put every customer at disadvantage.

Last year, Google accusing paying Apple up to $12 billion per year in exchange for safari default search status and the European Commission has fined Google a total of 8.25 billion euro in three antitrust cases.