Japan’s Telecom Rakuten offers $30 5G plans lowest data plans services

Japanese popular Telecom Rakuten Inc has launched low price 5G services via its cloud-based mobile network on Wednesday under lowest Data plans on 5G network services via its cloud-based mobile network in Japan.

This will challenge to rival telecom carriers to maintain its pricing balance to attract customers that could shake up the telecom industry globally.

The next-generation service launch of Rakuten’s 4G services in April in a network based on cloud-based software and secure hardware that follows the e-commerce firms says it has slashed entry costs.

The Benefits in Rakuten 5G Plans

  • The same price as – 2,980 yen ( $28 ) before tax per months.
  • The price point is 70% lower than larger other telecom rivals 5G services.
  • Rakuten BIG smartphone first-ever 5G launched at 69,800 yen in the country with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G chipset.

The Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has renewed attracks on industry prices and after NTT launched a boyout of top wireless NTT Docomo in a deal.

The Rakuten network has backing from vendors across the industry in a shakeup of traditional supply chains. In fact, the Rakuten Telecom Ltd hopes the 5G network will act as showcase for the technology attracting other companies to build their own network with a service dubbed the Rakuten Communications Platform.

In earlier report mentioned that Rakuten Mobile chief technology officer Tareq Amin said that it is impossible to develop everything internally or have skills sets that cover everything end-to-end on Jio Home made 5G first Indian company in 5G network infrastructure.

Jio 5G Solutions

Malik Rao, chief technology and information officer at Telefonica Deutschland ( O2 Germany ) said that a telecom operator can develop things in house, but there has to be a right balance.

Reliance Jio telecom Ltd said that it has build its end-to-end 5G network stack which it intends to offer to global telecoms after deploying in India across all circles.