MediaTek plans to start supplying 5G processor to Honor

Taiwanese based MediaTek announced the supplying of its Dimensity 5G processor starts next year Q1, 2021 to Honor brand.

Huawei sold out the Honor to China company. Huawei forced to sell its own sub-brand Honor due to US-trade ban announced since 2018 by U.S President Donald Trump.

We will look forward after new US president Joe Biden will starts their work in US from next year January 2021. The possibilities of revised and made some changes in past decisions announced by previous president Donald Trump.

MediaTek is also one of the potential manufactures of Honor 5G chips. If Honor can obtain successfully MediTek Dimensity 5G chipsets next year, their smartphone business will be guaranteed to grow in major countries like Asian and European countries.

The MediaTek Dimensity chipsets significantly increased in terms of performance and specifications has been launched most of 5G chipsets Dimensity 1000, 800, 800u and 720G series in China markets have fully covered the high-end smartphones, mid-range and budget markets.