Microsoft Chromium Edge 83 Edge Brings Extended Sync, Collection and Reading view

The Microsoft Chromium Edge Beta 83 released brings features extended sync, more custom PDF tool options, immersive reader line focus and the ability to add multiple tabs to the new collection. This version also includes the edge surf game. To play this game, you need to disconnect your device from the Internet and try loading the web page.

The New Microsoft Edge Chromium Interface

Updated collection features

You can quickly save all the tabs and then use Collections to reopen them. To save to a collection, just click right the tab and select Add all tabs to a new collection. The tabs in the active windows are added to the new collection with the option to rename.

Extended synchronization

You can sync extensions across all your device! This extensions in both Microsoft and chrome Stores will be synchronized with Microsoft Edge. It you navigate to the ellipse menu, select Setting and then navigate to the Sync options and you should see that the Extended Sync is now available.

A choice-based reading view

When you’re on a web page, highlight what you want to read in Immersive Reader, right-click to open the context menu , then select Open in Immersive Reader. The content appears in immersive readers in a neat way. In additions, you can use all of our reading and learning tools, such as reading aloud and focusing on lines.