Microsoft Edge 81 stable version update is out, Changes mentioned

Microsoft Edge 81 stable has been released and available to download for Windows and Mac, your browser will automatically update to this browser. Edge browser stable version has added collection and dolby version playback support. The browser will features a tool to detect and remove duplicate favorites.

The Microsoft Edge stable version out is 81.416.5 : April 13

Features updates

  • Collections is now available. You can get started by clicking the collections icon next to the address bar. This action opens the Collections pane where you can create, edit and view Collections. We designed Collections based on what you do on the web.
  • If you’re shopper, a traveler, a teacher, or student. Collections can help.
  • Allow the removal ( Hide from toolbar ) of the Collection button from the Microsoft Edge tool for consistency.
  • On-perm Active Directory account auto sign in will only be targeted to organization that turn it on. If user were already signed in with an open perm AD account. They will be able to sigh out of it. Users will only automictically signed in with the primary account on their operating system.
  • If it’s an MSA or An Azure AD account. Admins an enable auto sign in with an open AD account using the ConfigureOnPromisesAccountAutoSignInPolicy.
  • Application Guard. Extensions supports now available in the container.
  • Added a message to inform users that Internal Explorer more.
  • The F12 Dev tools are localized in 10 new language, so they will match the language used in the rest of the browser.
  • Added support for Dolby Vision playback. On Dolby Vision-enabled Window 10 Build 17134 ( April 2018 update ), websites can show Dolby vision content. See how to enable Dolby Vision content from Netflix.
  • Microsoft Edge can now identify and remove duplicate favorites and merge folders with the same name. To access the tool, click the star on the browser’s toolbar and select “Remove Duplicate favorite’s”. You can that confirm changes and any updates to your favorite’s will be synced across devices.
  • Added a warning that alerts users who sign into a browser profile with an account after being previously signed in with another account. This warning will help prevent unintentional data merging.
  • If you have payment card saved in your Microsoft account, you can use them in Microsoft Edge while filling out payment forms. The cards in your Microsoft account will sync across desktop devices and the full details will be shared with the website after two-factor authentication ( CVC code and your Microsoft identity ).

Policy name and captions changes

The policy OmnibxMSBproviderEnabled is changed to AddressBarMicrosoftSearchBingProviderEnabled- The caption for the policy is “Enable Microsoft Search in Bing suggestions in the address bar”

Deprecated Policies

The following policies continue to work in this release.They will become “obsolete” in the future released.

  • WebComponentsV0Enabled- Re-enable Web Components vO API until M84.
  • WebDriverOverridesIncompatiblePolicies- Allow WebDriver to Override Incompatible

Knows issues

  • Fixed an issue where IE mode on Microsoft Edge caused an ongoing download dialog to show even after the file was downloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge was dropping session cookies when a page already in IE mode triggered to open a new IE mode tab.

Download the new Microsoft Edge Stable , Release notes for more info