Microsoft Chromium Edge is getting smooth design, Touch UI etc

The latest report came through the latest windows the Microsoft has been working to make its Chromium-based Edge browser better than other Chromium browsers such as Chrome, Brave.

The introducing of a new Fluent icon for Microsoft Edge in the upcoming version rollout via a update, Microsoft called it , “Fluent Design” and new updates of Microsoft update browser being pushed to Windows 10 users to bringing more Fluent UI elements.

The new Edge 88 stable version should get a new Fluent icon in the next few weeks as Microsoft said, incorporating Fluent Design into the new Microsoft Edge.

Earlier a week, Microsoft Edge team has paid more attention to smooth scrolling to improve the scrolling experience in Edge on Windows 10 products that support touch as the Surface Pro Series.

The Microsoft Edge Team is working on studying UX density, drag and drop controls and Windows 10 integration to create a great plan for a browser with modern UI.

We can expect the Fluent UI design of Microsoft Edge browser will come in Windows 10 and Android as well after the desktop version is released.