Microsoft Edge browser Beta 85.0.564.18 update pushed details

Microsoft has offcially pushed the 85.0.564.18 Edge browser update to the Beta channel. This update includes support for local synchronization of favourites and setting, IE mode update, PDF new highlighter tool, support for storage Access API, OneNote integration and developer tool DevTools update etc.

The main highlights update features fully explained

Local synchronization of Favourites:

No need to connect to the Internet in the future version of Microsoft Edge versions in Beta only synchronize setting and favourites connect through local configuration.

Internet Explorer mode update:

Suppot trusted site and application combination ( such as Microsoft 365 ) to open directly without asking ( you can start without confirmation ).

PDF highlighter tool: This tool can be added to the PDF toolbar to the hightlight impotant content.

Storage Access API:

API can be used: how to request access to first-party cookies for third party embedded content is clarified to ensure user privacy.

Sent to OneNote: You can send the content in your “Favorites” to OneNote.

DevTool Update: It has support for Surface Duo emulation, keyboard shortcuts have been matched with VS Code.

To download this Microsoft Beta, you need to visit Microsoft insider channel click here