Microsoft Edge is coming to Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Microsoft has officially launched the Windows 11 on July 24th worldwide. The Windows 11 will set to released as free upgrade in the next year starting till 2022.

Microsoft Windows 11 comes with a new Microsoft Store will allow developers to publish their unpacked Win32 desktop apps to the store. The Microsoft has confirmed the support of Android apps through the Amazon Store and cross integration PWA apps are now compatible with the Windows Store and optimised for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Windows 11 testers can already download and install Chromium-based Microsoft Edge from the redesigned app store can also allows users to download web extensions for Microsoft Edge.

The Microsoft Windows Edge Chromium will make way to Windows 11 store app store. Mozilla has also confirmed their browser in the Windows store. Microsoft legendry Notepad and Paint to the Store.

The third party apps will make way to Windows store 11 in the coming Windows builds. Windows 11 Beta preview will make way to Windows Insiders in the coming weeks.

However, Microsoft is finally ready to release Microsoft Edge updates directly via Microsoft Store. The Win 32 packages in the new Microsoft Store won’t support the update mechanism.

Edge most likely to received stable updates more faster through the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. The Window 11 comes as free upgrade to the TPM 2.0 will support to install officially only for supported devices such as Nvidia, Intel and AMD.