Microsoft Outlook will soon support native resolution pictures and sending them

Microsoft renctly released a new quick preview update for Windows desktop users. The new version number 12730.20024 brings new improvements to Outlook users. When you insert an image into an Outlook e-mail message, Outlook has automatically converted the image to a 96 ppi resolution to reduce the overall message size. The compressed images are not converted to smaller size with the new update.

The images PNG, JPEG, BMP and GIF images you insert in the e-mail message will remain at their original resolution size. The following update also include the following bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where some reminders fail to start when you change the time zone on your computer.
  • Fixes an issue where users crash when trying to view the properties of an organization from library.
  • Fixes and issue where categories sometimes disappear from messages.
  • Fixes and issue where delegates see different folder hierarchies on different computers that share mailboxes.

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