Microsoft plans to improve core feature in Windows 10 version 2004

The latest reports published in Windows latest, Microsoft is planned to build a bridge between the two fiends of modern/ traditional computing. Nine years later, Microsoft once again tried to erase the gap between Windows 10 UWP and Wind 32 through Project Reunion.

Project Reunion, it will unify access to existing Win32 and UWP APIs and separate them from the operating system. The users will be able to experience more “modern features” in traditional desktop application in the future including access to the build-in sharing panel of desktop 10.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will introduce a “unified window space” for UWP and Win32 applications. This will allow developers to adopt APIs that can provide a consistent windows experience between UWP or Win32 Applications.

The Microsoft will allow developers to use Win32 window functions and the company will still provide a unified API to improve consistency across applications.