Microsoft showing Outlook Recommendation in Chrome Browser: Download new Edge

Microsoft announce plans to develop a new edge browser based on Chromium open source project. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the full launch of the new Edge browser made on open source Chromium code.

The edge browser based on Chromium easily a better replace over power hungry , user’s privacy spoiler by the Google sends metrics over the Google Servers related searches.

Microsoft Edge Browser can be download via edge insider website in four different version like Edge stable , edge beta, edge Dev and edge chromium. Previous reports, Microsoft Edge Browser gets top ranking in between top browsing share behind chrome browser and suppress Mozilla Firefox into fourth place. Microsoft Edge Chromium browser retains its Top 2nd spot in the browser.

In today report, several reports came out by chrome users, Microsoft will display an advertisement telling users to download the new chromium version of Edge browser. The advertisement is displayed at the top of the Outlook web page and also provides an Edge download link. and the new Edge browser can work better together. The Microsoft brilliantly done such as advertisement to let several outlook users aware about the all new Edge browser. Microsoft recently placed an ad on the Windows 10 “Start menu”, suggesting that Firefox users switch to the new version of Edge.

Google has warned Edge users that it was safe to use Chrome extensions, and users should switch to the Chrome browser. Google deleted the banner a few days later