Microsoft Surface Duo which runs Android 11 rumors to launch later this year

Microsoft gives an hint that Surface Neo foldable tablet has been delayed later this year. We can expect this foldable tablet as Surface Duo has the release date as sometimes in the later Q3 2020 powered by Android version.

Surface Duo or Surface Neo announced in the news conference held in last year October 2019. The devices will come in similar size as smartphone, but Microsoft doesn’t call it smartphone. It called as two hinged-separated display that allow users to use one app one one screen and another on the second screen or extend some apps.

Microsoft Surface Neo has been cancel. Microsoft hinted in a blog post earlier this week that development of the product was under way Panos Panay. Microsoft’s chief product officer wrote that the company would now to release the dual screen device. Window 10X is still in development but will be used in first on new.