Microsoft Win10 20 H2 update brings Inventory Menu, Simplified design, Edge browser


Microsoft Windows 10 is continsouly working on pushing updates twice in a year with improvements. The next update to Windows 10 called 20 H2 will be available in the second half of year 2020.

The latest update in Windows 10 20H2 based on build 19042 will include “a range of features” with no small update changes with Windows 10 version 1909 updates. The Windows 10 20H2 offers a greater improvements with inventory menu with the theme Sense title and an updated Alt-Tab applications switch which supports in Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft is also making adjustments to notification’s to setting. In additions, you plan to populate the taskbar with more user-related icons when you install the Window 10 with a new one.

For OEMs, Microsoft has now confirmed that Windows 10 version 20H2 will not bring the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program. In other worlds, the hardware lab, driver and system requirements for the Windows 10 20 H2 do not change.

Microsoft said, Windows 10 version 20 H2 will not bring updates to the Windows hardware program and follow the same pattern as the in the 19H2″. This currents Windows 10 version 2004 ( 20 H21 ) have a simplified upgrades process.

The Windows 10 20H2 update will include a new “Start” menu, Alt-Tab multi tasking improvements and Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.

Source : Microsoft