Microsoft Windows 10 Build 19.042.610 officially released

The Windowlatest blog reported that Microsoft Windows 10 is rolling out new optional update for the Windows 10 20H2 version and Windows 10 2004 version.

The Windows 10 KB4580364 patch is an optional update available for both Windows 10 version 20H2 and Win 10 Version 2004. This is due to the newly activated nature of Window 10.

When your device detects options updates, it will displayed under Update and Security > Windows Update > View Optional Updates.

Remember, if you skill today, you will receive the improvements contained in this release on Patch Tuesday in November.

The new “Meet Now ” button is based on Skype. Skype has recently added a new Zoom-like free call feature that allow you to host meeting without registering for a Microsoft account

The build-in feature “Meet Now’ feature of Windows 10 comes at the right time, because many users are still looking for free services to connect with their family and friends and like to participate in meeting remotely without registering on any platform.

To Join meeting, you can only use the Edge browser or the Skye app or you can create a unique link so that others can join without registering.