Microsoft Windows 10 users cane now pause “accidental updates”

Microsoft Window 10 version 2004 since it was released to public worldwide has received a lot of comman issues on Realtek old driver crashes, battery drain, few applications crashes faced by the several Windows users around the world.

Microsoft officially tweeted today that Windows give users the ability to pause unexpected updates while running in the background during your internet connection.

Windows users have control over when and how Windows updates and the Windows supports documentation says, “If you’re not ready to accept recommended updates you can choose to temporarily pause by hovering into the Win10 update setting inside Updates and Security.

Users need to click on Windows Update, It will show the optional suspension of updates for 7 days. If you double click on same 7 days, it will extended to 7+7 = 14 days more. This feature is available to home users and professional version ( version number 1903 ) or later while professional and Enterprise users required to 2018 update.

Users need to click on advanced options. In the Pause update section, you can select the drop-down menu and specify the date on which update is restored.