Microsoft Windows 11 released date on June 24

Microsoft will confirmed the officially announcement of the next version of Windows 10 seems be name of newest operating system Windows 11 could be legit after DMCA complaint.

Microsoft Japan had filled a DMCA ( (Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) complaint confirms infringement take down request to Indian tech site Beebom which has been hosting the leaked confirms the ISO is an early version of Windows 11.

The DMCA takes down was found on the Lumen database contains the reason for the takedown request. Microsoft is holding a press event on June 24, and Microsoft is planning to give its Windows operating system “one of the most advanced , optimized and faster operating system going to launch on 24 June at 11 : 00 ( ENT).

When will Windows 11 be released?

The Windows 11 confirmed to be announced on 24 June. A week later, Microsoft will announced the Dev and Insiders versions of Windows to test the upcoming build versions. It will be rollout to all latest versions of Windows 11 in the month of October with major popular OEM’s.

Windows 11 releasing in this week, the operating system would be ready for the general public. The final software version will be out with new themes, features and performance upgrades until this fall later this year.

Microsoft announced the cancellation of the Windows 10X, It could be possible after Windows 11 seems to take place with a brand new operating system designed for dual-screen PCs it has announced in fall 2019.

Microsoft said that it would bring some elements of Windows 10X into “other parts of Windows and products at the company.” The Windows 11 will be free “upgrades’ for Windows 10 users or Microsoft makes it optional for Windows 10 users to upgrade to the next version of generations Windows.

The Top expected features in the unreleased Windows 11:

  • Third Party Desktop Widgets support

These new third-party widgets will be offered via Windows Store. Windows store will be rumoured to be redesigned for next version of Windows 10, where a new category for “widgets” will be created automictically. Microsoft may introduced the third party support in the future.

  • Redesigning Volume Flyout

The new volume also supports “vibrating” and “ringing” control because it has been ported from Windows Cshell, a platform originally designed for Windows 10. The final version of the volume flyout will not available at this moment include two controls as Windows 11 is not being optimized for mobile form factors.

  • Windows 11 Performance faster then Windows 10

Windows 11 offers a 5.8% boost in the multi-threaded tests and 2% for single core. The result indicates a minor improvement in performance and it’s will slightly faster than present Windows 10 21H1 edition.

Note: This test done on leaked build Win 11 but it may faster in future version of Windows 11. Intel has already confirmed its 12th-generation Alder lake will use a combination of normal cores and power efficient cores, We can expected the performance boost with Windows 11 will arrived later this year.

  • Wake on Touch

Microsoft is introducing support for Touch enabled OEM’s laptops and PCs, a feature that was offered in the oldest Windows Phones. Windows 11 appears to include support for a setting that will let users to toggle the “Wake on Touch” feature on and off.

Note: This feature may be announced in the event on Microsoft on June 24th.

Images credit to windowslatest blog

  • Fluid Start Menu and Taskbar

In the Window 11, Start Menu and taskbar are now organised in centred by default, a design language that was previously part of Windows 10X. Microsoft has reportedly giving users to restore the legacy/ classic Start Menu with Live tiles and taskbar icons like the Start.