Microsoft Windows 10 can run Android App is real

The latest reported on Windows Latest that the new product is being part of “Project Latte” by Microsoft. Windows insiders running the preview version of Windows 10 can get the ability to run Android applications.

The rumoured product is being under development true, Microsoft hopes to release it in the next major update of Windows 10 in Q1, 2021 natively running Android App.

Microsoft previously enabled the support for Android apps in Windows 10 Mobile on “Microsoft Phone App“. The codename “Astoria” and its effect was better than expected because users can run most of Android applications on Windows Phone.

In 2021, Microsoft has plans to relaunch this idea with more new features enable and bring Android apps to the Windows Store. Once this project completed, developers can publish their applications in the Microsoft Windows 10 store as long as Google services are not involved in this process does not required code modication.

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) provides support for this feature and Microsft will also create its own Android subsystem to enable Android applications to run on the desktop.

The upcoming Windows 10 21H2 preview will add support for Linux-based GUI applications through WSL. This will also help support for Android apps.