Microsoft Xbox Series S, X announced for India: Report

The Microsoft Xbox unveiled Xbox series gaming console for Xbox Series S and X series had great news for the gaming Xbox fans around the world. Microsoft India had announced the pricing of Xbox S , Xbox X series for India.

The new Xbox Series X will cost Rs 49,990 and the Xbox Series X will cost Rs 34,990 could be available in November 10 on sale. The pre-order for these consoles will start on September 22.

The Xbox X Global pricing Details:

  • In the US costs $499 ( approx Rs 36,600 )
  • In the UK costs €449 ( approx Rs 42,800 )
  • In Canada CA$599 ( approx Rs. 33,400 )
  • In Austria AU$749 ( approx Rs. 40,000 )
  • In New Zealand NZ$799 ( approx Rs 39,200 )

The Xbox Series S pricing Details:

  • In the US costs $299 ( approx Rs. 22,000 )
  • In the UK costs €249 ( approx Rs. 23,800 )
  • In the Canada CA$379 ( approx Rs. 21,200 )
  • In the Australia AU$499 ( approx Rs. 26,600 )
  • In the New Zealand $NZ549 ( approx Rs.26,950 )

Compare to Global pricing , The Xbox Series X and S series are the most expensive in India almost Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 expensive due to import taxes and GST. This is great deal just right before the Sony PS5 officially pricing could be reveals in something in coming weeks.

The new console series Xbox S and X series will be available in the Amazon India and Flipkart only, but it is still yet to revealed in coming days.

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