Xiaomi testing MIUI Pure Mode to block unauthorized sideloading of Apps

Xiaomi is working on a new feature on MIUI Pure mode to prevent the user’s smartphone from malware spread through the unauthorized sideloading of Android apps.

The Android users most of them sideloaded the cracked apps in their smartphones would a high risk of spoiled privacy. The upcoming feature is under development MIUI 13 version.

Here’s how can Xiaomi plans to protect users from malware effect MIUI?

With the development of Pure Mode, Betam Xiaomi told that 40% of the APKs downloaded on Xiaomi that doesn’t pass security audit from Google and 10% of apps are highly risky for user’s privacy.

The company will block unofficially apps from installing in the smartphone after the unknown source opens. The MIUI Pure mode will block the access by default.

The Xioami will yet to be revealed when this new feature will be made available to the users. This feature is restricted to China presently in the beta stage and is yet to make available in MIUI 13.

The downloading and installing of a sideloading app puts users at the risk of installing malware on their Xiaomi smartphones. Xiaomi introduced a new feature for MIUI called “Pure Mode”.