NITI Aayog first-ever announced Indian Digital Cloud storage Digiboxx

The Government of India , NITI Aayog has launched India’s first ever Digital Cloud storage drive called DigiBoxx which offers for Rs 30 per month benefits up to 2 TB storage option seems to very cheapest in the world market right now.

This Digiboxx cloud storage will be available on Android and iOS for storage files and transfer files to anywhere with a link sharing with other individual. This Digiboxx will launched in complete with other’s USA cloud storage like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box Drive and Wetransfer some of these popular cloud storages are available in the market.

The SaaS product is quite similar in UI to use. Users can simply sign up and will have to submit personal information with e-mail and contact details will have to place to store, share and manage their files digitally.

A feature called InstaShare let user will quickly share large-size documents, high-resolutions images, video and PDFs etc. The Digiboxx has free user subscription in which 20 GB of free storage will be offered and the files stay in the cloud for 45 days.

There are premium plans that starts from Rs 30 per month which will give you 2 TB massive storage and it also offers premium plans for enterprises and SMBs.

Narendra Modi PM India had announced the Digital India as called Aatmanir Bharat campaigns and it also makes to make Indian’s less dependent on expensive on foreign storages solutions.

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