OPPO INNO Day 2020: Launched Super Flash 50W Biscuit charger

At OPPO INNO ( Innovation Day ) Conference today in China. OPPO smartphone maker announced the world first Flexible Roll able Display OPPO X 2021 will be treated as OPPO Concept X.

The OPPO 50W Super Flash Biscuit Charger announced today, will be world’s first super handy charger will go on sale December 12 , the price has not been justified today.

OPPO X 2021 Flexible OLED

In hardware specification, we have learned that this 50W ultra-fast biscuit charger adopts a track-style ultra-thin shape, a large area application of multi-curve design and a folding pin design.

This technology 50W adopts inside mini biscuit flash charger using pulse charging that the traditional charging method has over the pulse charging has a very short charging gap.

OPPO 50W Biscuit Flash Charger

  • A gallium nitride high frequency switch
  • It reduces the single energy storage requirement of the transformer.
  • OPPO’s self-developed ACF ( Active Clamp Flyback ) control architecture realizes zero voltage ( ZVS ) and Zero current ( ZCS ) switching