Pakistan blocks a Chinese application ‘Bigo Live App’ and issues ‘Final warning to TikTok app

Pak telecommmunications regulator announced the ban on the Chinese Application “Bigo Live” on the based on unethical content related to religion on the platform and it will issued a ‘Final warning’ to TikTok- A short video application was banned in the country for the same reason anytime with no further notice.

A Chinese streaming application “Bigo Live” was totally banned in the Pakistan because of unethical content on the platform used by users and promoting over the various social media channels across the country.

The complaint received by the Pakistan telecommunications Authority multiple times said it has notified TikTok app of reviewing content on the platform. It looks like problem with TikTok in all over worlds till rises questions on the contents and nationals security.

In last month , June 30 , India announced bann over 59 Chinese Apps include ban on TikTok permanently on the based on national security and privacy issues, Yesterday, Austrian PM announced a high level meeting could decide on the ban of TikTok in the Australia country in the few weeks.

Even USA , A white house spokesperson said that they offered TikTok to make separate distance from Beijing company ByteDance and move to USA. It could work under USA rule otherwise it could be ban.

TikTok is one of the world most popular social media apps with more than 2 billions download. In Pak, it has nearly crossed 30 milions downloads in lockdown time behind Whatsapp and Facebook according to the data shared by Sensor Tower firm.

These short video apps has been receiving complaints that it was ‘addictive, waste time and raise a serious negative impact on children physical and mental health issues’. PTA announced banned on the streaming app Bigo Live in Pak on Monday.

Source zee news