PayTm Mall suffers massive data breach and ransom demanded on effective accounts: Report

The E-Commerce Indian Payment Giant Paytm has suffered a massive data breach according to US-based cyber research firm Cyble after hacker group targeted the company’s PayTM mall database.

The attackers are demanding a cypto currency in exchange for the data as the firm said. Paytm Mall spokesperson denied the breach in a statements to ET. The Hacker group named John Wick which is usually fake name is behind the breach.

As the experts, the group hacks database of companies under the guise of offering help to fix bugs in their systems. “This breach was tipped off to us from an “alleged” ex-cartel member of a credible hacking group “John Wick” as the company said in a blog post.

Hacker group has demanded 10 ETM ( Ethereum ) in crypto currency , according to Cyble. This is approximately equal to $4,000 USD as according to data based on cryto currency exchange, Coinbase.

A Paytm Mall spokesperson said to ET, We would like to assure that all users as well as company data is completely safe and secure. We have noted and investigated the claims of a possible hack and data breach.

We will invest heavily in our data security as you expect secure security fulfilled to all our database servers. We also have a Bug Bounty program under which we reward responsibly disclose of any security risks.

Source: Story by ET Telecom. We give credit to ET Times.