PhonePe plans to fill 700 open jobs in next 12 months

PhonePe – Online payment company owned by Flipkart is planning to fill the 700 open jobs position in the next 3-6 months in line with its business growth led by the accelerated adoption of digital payments across the country post the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have over 700 open positions which we aim to fill, we are hiring across the country with our business strategy and needs, said Manmeet Sandhu, Chief People Officers, PhonePe.

We will be looking to expand our rural network which will involve leveraging locally available talent to service this network, she added, “We are still in the process of closing out the numbers for next year, but our growth trajectory will likely continue at the same rate.

The company hired new jobs seekers will across a variety of roles in engineering and non-engineering functions such as business development, product management, merchant acquisition, marketing, finance, legal etc.

This will involve creation of 10,000 jobs across 5,500 talukars wherin people will be hired from the locally available talent to service our merchants network.

PhonePe is the best growing in digital payments to take second spot in the India digital payment.