Railway Minister Piyush Goyal concerned about Behaviour of US IT Tech Firms

Indian Railway minister Piyush Goyal today concerned big US IT Tech Firms holding a lot of data of Indian citizens and that data often used by those firms for cross business in different sectors.

A USIBC seminar, Goyal said that he will engage with the new USTRA ( United States Trade Representative) try to put together a fresh trade package with India.

Piyush said that ,”there are lot of concerns about the behaviour of big tech companies including American companies and India would like to protect its policy”

India is significantly moving forward to 5G network infrastructure, Big tech giants not willing to adhere to the law of the land and to the social infortance that we value very much in India,” he added.

Our responsibility to ensure our citizen’s user’s data privacy is being first priority in very keen to expand on digital space with the US. He also added, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has already put forth the first data privacy law which is in public domain and being debated in the parliamentary standing committee before which many US companies have also made presentations.

On the issue of 5G, a report on ET times, India would like to engage much more with the US but because of lack of competition or exorbitant costs, the country will not be in position to accept those costs.

So I think the US will have to very sensitive to price points in India which matters to economy with millions of people’s just coming out of poverty.

Piyush Goyal also said that, the per capital income of India is below $2,000 and healthcare costs to people have to be keep afforable.