Piyush Goyal ask industry to setup new semi-conductor fabrication plant soon in India

The Commerce minister Piyush Goyal said on Tuesday that the government is mapping the land field which could be available for manufacturing industry to setup with a semi-conductor fabrication plant soon in India’s origin. The missing piece in manufacturing unit is “Unavailable large land for Fabrication Plant for bigger industries.

We are mapping the entire land bank available for manufacturing have a fab coming to India quickly , Goyal said at a virtual event organised by the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council.

The minister asked the industry to identify such units can be move to India from other countries where they are not available. He said that Fabrication plant useful for manufacturing television, air conditioners and closed circuit have been identified as certain sector.

We are trying to work on framework by which can capture the data of IT services exports and only RBI data on services.