Poland Cyfrowy announced First 5G network services from Monday

The launch of 5G is expected to offer data speeds bump up to 50 to 100 Mbps times faster then current 4G network in all over the world and it will help to boost in the 4G network in signal receiving video calling or download while some countries are forced to stay at home , work from home due to major corona virus situation faced by the world.

Poland’s Cyfrowy Polsat announce on Friday, they will commercially ready to experience its first 5G network available in seven cities from Monday. “We are implementing the first commercial 5G available here and now, ” said Maciej Stec, vice president of the management board at Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel.

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The launch will make 5G network to almost 9 lakh users of the Plus network run by Polokmtel on Monday while over 2 milions in the great Warsaw region in upcoming months. The network technology used by Polokmtel from Nokia and Erisson.

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Company trades under the brand name as Plus which completes with Orange Polska, Play Communications and T-Mobile in Poland.