PS5 and Xbox X Reportedly Both launching in November

The Sony released a brand-new PlayStation 5 or XBox Series?. The Xbox Series is coming in the month of November. The reliable folks at the video games chronicle have been doing some digging with their industry and development sources.

The Sony and Microsoft are reportedly planning to launch in the first week of November launch dates of new consoles. The rumored launch a November 13 on PS5 gaming console. The company has a major advertising spend scheduled to start in the coming weeks.

Sony to beat the launch of the Microsoft Xbox Series X in the first week of November, they could slip into the second week. As the COVID-19 pandemic makes all the big launches as quite virtually. Niko partners senior anaylst Daniel Ahmed thinks both Sony and Microsoft should be able to get something to shelves.

We expect Sony and Microsoft to launch next generation consoles as planned this holiday, despite disruption to the supply chain earlier this year due to COVID-19. We expect Sony and Microsoft to utilize air shipments which will cost more to meet demand this year.

What do you think? Will Microsoft and Sony be able to stick to their November launch plans? Who will put the trigger first?