PUBG Corp looking for Indian Partners to Relaunch the Game in India

PUBG Cooperation officially announced the break in franchise with Chinese Tech Giant Tencent after Indian government banned PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite including other 116 Chinese applications.

There Chinese applications are banned over Indian IP and VPN over it. This means that you can’t able to access over it VPN.

PUBG Cooperation shared down since Indian banned the game. A lots of streamers and game content creators move to other Battle Royale games like COD Mobile : Call of Duty Mobile and Free Ganna.

According to a Mint report, the company is negotiating with the Indian government for the new licensing agreement. This game developers are looking for Indian partners to handle the game distribution to Unban the game over it.

PUBG Mobile ban due to link with Chinese Government has 10% stake in it. It also concerned about the user’s privacy data and stored outside India. Last month, PUGB Mobile changed its privacy policy related to India but no made some effect.

The Indian government sent more than 70 queries to PUBG which they have to respond within three weeks. We have to wait over, how should our government issued order after PUBG mobile broke up with Tencent.

We know, the unban on PUBG Mobile still takes 1-2 months in India. It’s sure that unban shouldn’t be available in India so early.