PUBG Mobile Update Brings Jungle Adventure Mode with Mysterious Jungle Foot and Hot Air Ballons

PUBG Cooperating pushed a new update brings new changes in the Version 18.0 version update has got a new mode called ‘Jungle Adventure’ after several teasers. It a small version of map of Sanhok maps and brings new mechanics and features to the PUBG Mobile.

The Jungle themed update bring totems, jungle foot and hot air balloon in the game play but players will have to be lucky to try out as randomly chance into jungle adventure mode.


Sometime totems will also a grant barries. These are throwable that become a barrier when they are to thrown on the ground. You need to make a move to use it.

Jungle Food

You will also find jungle food. You can pick these up and ear them to get various effects. Some of them are good as such that show you air drop locations on the map but some times this will make you dizzy instead.

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons are marked on the mini map so be ready for some gunfights in these areas. You can climb into a hot air and move it up or down. You can use the ‘Look Around’ feature to find totems in to nearby areas.

The Jungle Adventure mode is live now in Sanhok so make sure you have download the map data and ready to play welcome to the Jungle. New update arrived Google Play Store written in the Hindi words. In the map selection screen and find it in the Classic section. It is 142 MB in size and comes with the new Jungle Adventure mode for only random chance for players to dropped into this mode.

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