PUGB Cooperation pulled out all partnership with Tencent China on its PUBG Mobile: India Ban Effect

The company said in a statement published on Monday that PUBG Cooperation has decided not authorize its partnership on PUGB MObile franchise to grant Tencent Games in Shenzhen, India and break all out authorised distribution responsible in India.

This move is in a response to the PUGB mobile ban announced on 3rd September by the Government of India. In Addition to PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite and 116 others Chinese application and games originating from China are also banned by the government in India.

nCore games announced “FAU-G” as Fearless and United Guards as Indian PvP multiplayer game called “FAU-G as Fearless and United Guards” reveals the scarifies of our India soldiers and Galvan Velly map will be first map to play in this game, coming out this October.

It is developed by nCore Games announced the launch of an new India themed action packed multiplayer game, FAU-G last week an “Indian IPs will work well India.

In boosting domestie market is being developed by Indian gaming firms, PUBG Mobile need to ban for some months or may be it should be banned forever in India otherwise, if as per today’s news, PUBG will no longer in franchise with Tencent China, rumored to unban in coming days once government issue unblock notice.

We need to wait n claim for more updates will be share with our visitors once information will be shared by our government. However, The company said in a statement on its website, “Moving forward.

PUBG will assume all publishing responsibilities in the country, “As the company explores ways to provide India with its own PUBG experience in the near future. That bring said, The government takes further steps to boost domestic gaming in India rather unblock PUBG.

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