Qualcomm working on Android gaming console like Nintendo

Qualcomm chipmaker reportedly working on Android-powered similar to the popular Nintendo Switch.

source eveningstandards

The Qualcomm gaming device is likely to include a larger 6000mah battery equipped with the company’s Quick Charge technology. Qualcomm said to be targeting a price of around $399 for its gaming console.

According to Android Police reports, Qualcomm devices will have detachable controllers like the Joy-cons on Nintendo’s console. Nintendo switches become very popular in the gaming community.

These controllers portable may support display-out capabilities to play on an external TV or monitor. Nintendo Switch was the best-selling hardware platform in units and dollars for both December in the year 2020 year in the United States.

These gaming device is likely to be designed and manufactured by a Qualcomm name in the controller industry. It will be running on a custom version of Android 12 from Google.

Qualcomm gaming console arrive later this year in some specific targeting markets only.