Qualcoom Quick Charge 5 Technology officially support up to 100W fast charging solution

Qualcomm announced the launch of the world first Quick Charge 5 technology for Android devices. Qualcomm said the Quick Charge is expected to become the first commercial fast charging that provides charging power of more than 100W for smartphones and it can help users to charge their phones from 0 to 50% at 4500mah battery in only 5 minutes and 15 minutes to fully charge.

The internal tests reveals the 4500mah battery can able to handle the maximum power under the temperature limit of 40-degree celcius and charging time is calculated by charging the battery capacity from 0 to 50%.

The main feature of the Qualcomm Battery Saver health management and the new adaptive intelligence identification technology. The Quick Charge 5 also achieves excellent charging efficency that helps users extend the battery life.

The performance of Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 is significantly improved as compared to the previous generation Quick Charge 4, the charging efficiency is 70% higher than Quick Charge 4 and the output power is 10 times more than of Quick Charge 1.

Quick Charge 5 support dual-charge and triple charging technology, adaptive input voltage, the fouth generation optimal voltage intelligent negotiation ( INOV4) algorithm.

Qualcomm also introduced the latest next level top power management integrated circuits ( PMIC ) – Qualcomm SMB1396 and Qualcomm SMB1398 supporting 1SnP Aand 2SnP batteries, dual-channel wired and wireless charging, adaptive operating on power input.

The optimized Quick Charge 5 can make full use of USB-PD and Type-C technologies to meet the needs of future Android versions. It is expected to be available with commercials in the Q3 2020 with Snapdragon 865, 865 Plus and future Qualcomm processos can supports Quick Charge 5.