Realme copy/ pasted Huawei’s product strategy hit on Web

Realme Chinese manufacture has announced a new product strategy today for India to bring more new LOT products with new smartphone’s launch in this year.

Realme new product strategy 1+4+N which referred summary of upcoming categories of loT products and lifestyle products sounds familiar to the last year announced in China.

Realme wants to bring it to global markets include Indian market. Today’s on the web, Hot topic rise on all over social media and famous tech website as Copycat Realme stolen ‘Huawei’s Product Strategy” 1+4+N found similar keynote as Huawei’s introduced this year.

We know already BBK Electronics under brands like Vivo, OPPO, OnePlus and Realme are the similar companies worked at under one roof BBK with different CEO. Each BBK owned companies brand Strategy basically Vivo design copied IQOO sub-brand. OPPO Design copied by OnePlus flagships and Mid-range by Realme . They done their business in Indian market and European market without any hardware or R&D hardware.

Check out the comparison in the gallery below ( The Chinese version of Huawei’s graphic product strategy even close to Realme slide ).

A Xiaomi representative took to twitter and Realme of ripping off its slides too. He pointed out this first as “CopyCat” brand

There is no doubt various Chinese brands copy other company idea like MIUI 12 like Apple iOS 14 , OnePlus product OS similar to Google Android, Realme copycat of Xiaomi mid-range in hardware, Vivo and OPPO most launched smartphones re-dubbed in newer design with same old hardware at higher pricing.

Chinese company are best in doing this type of business in worldwide. They make money with copying other business idea or products design seems very familiar. Their smartphone’s companies or IT companies spending less in R&D development rather copycat products.

What do you make of Realme’s 1+4+N product strategy? Let us know in the comments!