Realme rollout “Smooth Scrolling” feature to supported devices

Chinese smartphone manufacture Realme now rolling out a new feature “Smooth Scrolling ” effect to the supported realme devices today. The smooth scrooling feature will provide smooth refresh rate effects in scrolling apps between other apps.

The advantage of the realme devices are proudly to getting regular monthly security patches with software fixes in budget to flagship smartphones at every month. The some other smartphone manufactured aren’t providing security patches at every month but Realme company does.

The brand has been adding a feature called “Smooth Scrolling” under the realme Lab in setting to a numbers of supported devices.The name suggests that this feature kind of devices will have infinite scrolling on social media apps like twitter , facebook, Instagram and other apps.

We can notice the scrolling transition increased little bit more then previous once device used to get frame rates while scrolling between different apps. It should look even better on realme smartphones with a high refresh rate also.

The list of smooth scrolling feature is currently available on the following realme devices.

  • realme 3 Pro
  • realme 5 Pro
  • realme X
  • realme XT
  • realme X2
  • realme x3
  • realme x3 Super Zoom