Redmi Note 10 fails in display and body bend Durability test video

The Redmi Note 10 smartphone was recently out in durability test , the device was put in water, scratched, dropped even bend with force in an Indian YouTuber Gupta video. Redmi Note 10 fails in display and body bend durabliity test.

A popular YouTuber JackRigEverything channel had posted a video on checking the Durability test on Redmi Note 10 found that the smartphone used the cheapest quality materials in display and body hardware.

The Indian YouTuber Gupta Information Systems had performed a similar video test on a brand new Redmi Note 10 model put through durability was submerged in water, scratched, dropped even bent to test. He found that Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 can easily break its display and body after some force bend saw in a video.

In his video, he has named a title ‘Take an insurance” was started which seems to adapt considering a drop test with the screen facing downward ruined the display and body was dropped in three different also be broke apart from the region.

In conclusion, the drop and bend test have usually taken with professional care, Don’t try at your own product. Buy a good brand product after checking different reviews about the same brand on YouTube.