Reliance Jio working on a low-cost laptop called the Jiobook – xda developer

The biggest Indian Telecom company Reliance Jio operator reportedly working on low cost laptop equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC with minimum 4GB RAM spotted in firmware code by xda-developer.

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Last year, Google and Qualcomm heavy invested in Reliance Jio limited confirmed to developer a affordable 5G smartphone after government issued 5G spectrum publicly and today, xda-developer reveals that the Mukesh Ambani founder Reliance Jio working on low cost notebook might be dubbed as “Jiobook” in this year 2021 with a cellular connectivity for calling and video support.

The porotype laptop is currently using Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Soc based on 11nm released in the year 2019 globally. Jio is partnering with China-based Bluebank Communication engineering firm that creates mobile devices and develops software for the third-party parties according to the xda-reports.

Jiobook laptop may run on KioOS dubbed as JioOS, As per document , the Jiobook prototype development started in the year 2020 and is it is expected to finished development during in first half of 2021. It may arrive during the Reliance AGM 2021 which fall in Q2, 2021.

The JioBook may help students and poor students in the corona virus pandemic during work from home situation. The Reliance JioBook prototype has full HD screen display, with minimum 4GB RAM with 64 GB storage of eMMC 5.1.

According to xda reports, the laptop may have a mini HDMI connector for video output, support for WiFi over 2.5GHz, Blueetooth 4.1, a three-axis accelerometer and Qualcomm audio chip. During the launch data the JioBook final product runs a clear build of Android 11 OS will be switched over Windows 10 on ARM.

JioBook as expected the firmware reveals that a multiple Jio pre-installed Jio applications, Microsoft pre-installed apps and Google licensing applications. According to xda– they don’t know that if there apps will be shipped on final product in this year.

We are expecting it to retail at an lowest price in India with an entry-level hardware with mobile connectivity support in India market will dominate the other’s popular brands laptops segment.

Source xda