Samsung Exynos 1000 chipset might have dedicated AMD Radeon GPU

The Tech Giant South Korean company Samsung announced a multi-year strategic partnership with AMD to support custom graphics IP based on AMD’s highly scalable RDNA graphics architecture. Samsung has announced that it will use performance GPU in smartphones and other products launched in next year.

AMD’s first custom Radeon GPU will support the future of Samsung’s flagship smartphone and other products like tablets, Note series, Galaxy book , laptops It will easily beat this year upcoming iPhone A14 Bionic chipset launched in the month of September.

The AMD processor is optimizing a custom GPU that could be integrated into Samsung’s groundbreaking 5nm chipset as per new reports out,

The Samsung GPU benchmark based on AMD technology was leaked on GFX Bench. It would suggest that the upcoming GPU may surpass the performance of the iPhone’s A-Series GPU chip.

Key points of AMD Radeon GPU

  • 181.8 frames in the Manhattan 3.1 test ( 13% higher than the Adreno 650 GPU of the Snapdragon 865 )
  • 138.25 frames in Aztec normal test carry 53 frames.
  • 58 frames in Aztec high test minimum 20 frames on the Snapdragon 865 Soc has Adreno 650 GPU.

The Samsung is said to be developing 7nm products after many users criticized while refused to buy their smartphones in the Indo-Asian countries with poor performance Exynos chipset. This may be interduce as Exynos 992 will supposed to used on the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series smartphone.