Sony PS5 official accessories a HD camera, charging dock, headphones and media remote

Sony today unveiled the PlayStation 5 gaming console along with its supported accessories with no release dates or pricing details shared by company yet. The company announced a wide range of accessories such a including a wireless headset, a HD camera, a media remote and a charging dock for the Dual Sense controller.

HD Camera

Sony HD Camera has only 1080p resolution lens which is meant to let players stream games from their rooms or studio while playing games. It is easier for streamers to live stream with a PS5.

Pulse 3D Wireless headset

The wireless headset has offer 3D audio support been pushing as a major feature of the PS5 and it also offers dual noise cancelling through microphones.

Media Remote

The media remove allows users to control voice commands has features a build in microphone. There has two unmarked buttons on the bottom of the remove that company hasn’t reveals its function.

Dual Sense Charging Station

The Dual Sense charging station charges up the two Dual Sense controller at the same time. The design matches the black and white color scheme of the controls and console itself.

No prices for any of them new accessories or console has been shared by company.

source verge