Spotify launches paid subscription platform for podcasts counter Apple

US based Popular Spotify Music streaming app said on Tuesday it has launched a podcast subscription based services in the United States.

Earlier, This week after Apple rollout out a subscription-based podcast service. This move will allow podcast producers to make audio on Spotify to monetize from their shows at no cost for the first two years.

Spotify streaming company will charge a 5% commission starting from 2023. Spotify subscription service will be the first rollout first in the U.S followed by others countries in the coming months.

Spotify music streaming firm will include 12 independent creators who will publish subscriber – only content in their feeds. However, Apple renewed its podcast app last week and introduced premium subscription for all Apple users in more than 170 countries.

Swedish company Spotify believes that Apple treats competitors unfairly and aims to promote its own music streaming service. Spotify claims that Apple’s control of its App has not deprived consumers of choice, but also deprived others streaming music service providers.

Apple store has made Spotify become a public company. Spotify firm only wants to benefits from the App Store but does not want to make any contribution.