Supplies to mobile industry get delayed more over months

A official letter to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association ( ICEA ) has said that all China-origin imports of the electronics industry have come under supervision surveillance under adverse action by customs at the ports without any warning which impacted on supply chain

The logistics of seamless movement totally disagree that they said talk about 100 per cent examination may delayed the supply chain to mobile industries will take more months wrote Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman of ICEA.

The noted that essential parts, components and accessories required for manufacture in the 200 factories which came up following the adoption of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ in the mobile industry have been impacted

The Mohindroo mentioned that companies have received word from Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi airports about the new examination procedure for all China origin consignments of being subject to 100 per cent examination. There are enough checks on inputs in the system.

There is very little danger from China origin imports. This action will be take to stop dumping of products have to be checked done by law.

Understand the Meaning of Dumping?

Dumping allow the exporting countries and companies to sell backlogs of inventory and products that may otherwise go to waste. This can result in better revenue numbers which could lead to more jobs or higher pay for employees and ultimately a better standard of living for many in the exporting country.

Why is dumping so bad?

Dumping is when a country lower exports prices to gain market share. As a result, it can often destroy the trading partner’s industry. Government subsides cushion the losses until the target industry is destroyed.

Why Dumping is bad for economy?

Dumping can lead to lower prices for consumers can force stagnant companies to become more competitive and innovative and can allow exporting companies to increase revenues by setting more products.

What is an example of dumping?

The example of Dumping Steel and Solar Panels from China. China’s steel industry is experiencing significant excess capacity and China has being accused of dumping its steel products on the European Union selling them for less that they are worth.