Supreme Court India noticed to Twitter and Centre Government

The stand off in between US based social media Twitter and Government of India warns social media do follows seriously law within in country. If you want to do business in the country and having millions of followers.

View Of Indian Supreme court main building from the supreme court lawn In New Delhi .

Ravi Shankar Prasad said in Rajya Sabha, We never allow any social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp on spreading fake news and viral hashtags to spread violence and hate speech in the country. If they do this again everyday, we have to take strict action on the country security and severity matter.

Last week, Government asked micro blogging platform to blocked several hastags including #FarmerProtest, #Genocide and 1,700 bots accounts used to spread fake news and hated content.

Twitter doesn’t compile with the Government of India order that they said to block accounts only, if they fails under our terms of conditions, but we don’t block accounts of freedom of speech holds by top journalist, media outlets in the country.

Twitter made it clear that these farmer hashtags will be half block and it will seen in the outside of India. Later on, Government shows middle finger to twitter, A Bengaluru based startup #KooApp – A alternative twitter like platform being promoted by the some government officials like IT Minister, Railway Minister , Ministry of IT and Technology.

This week, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had crossed 5 Millions followers in Koo App and Piyush Goyal tweet about the, He also available in Koo App. We have to wait for Amit Shah- Home Minister and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also likely to post tweet on Koo in upcoming days.

Honorable Supreme Court send out notice to Twitter and center government on behalf of petition was filled by Vinit Goenka. His advocate told the court that there were hundred of fake Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts are using real images in spreading fake news in the name of eminent people and dignitaries.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule after getting responses from the Government and Twitter. As per New Delhi News Channel reports said that the Government has drawn up draft rules to regulate social media , streaming and digital news content which will include a code of ethics and a mechanism to report inappropriate content and ask for its removal.

The proposed rules has still yet to made to public in next few days. This come right after likely when foreign social media company Twitter that it “must respect” Indian laws “irrespective of Twitter’s own rules and guidelines”.

The Government has also decide with a non-compliance notice and threatened its officials with a fine and imprisonment of up to seven years for violating the order.