Latest Taylor Swift Album “Folklore” Sets the new Apple Music Streaming Record for POP Music

Taylor Swift released first time a surprise a new music album “Folklore” made as the popular music on Apple Music streaming which was the broadcast on the platform in 24 hours with 35.47 millions hits.

Th album become even more popular on Spotify with earning 79.4 millions views. The Taylor Swift “FolkLore” has sold more than 1.3 millions copies worldwide in 24 hours since its release on Thursday is understood to be have created and recorded remotely by the maintain new crown performance since the release of Swift’s lover album in 2019.

Swift wrote an open letter to Apple in 2015 opposing Apple Music’s refusal to pay the artist royalisties during a three-month free trail period which led her to take the 2014 album “1989” off the shelves of Apple Music.

The letter was published since Apple changes its approach and began paying artists for a free trail of Apple Music for new users. The relationship between Swift and Apple which will premium on Apple Music which has launched a series of Apple Music ads starting Swift began to get better.

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